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Are You Ready for a Miracle?
Alex & Jessica

On March 17, 2007 Bro. Dunn revealed or brought to surface the fact that my wife and I were having some marital problems & that forgiveness was spoken by the mouth, but not entirely in the heart. But thru the grace of God a new love is being rekindled once again. Also Bro. Dunn informed us of how God is pleased with our progress this past year. Something that I personally really needed to hear.


Two years ago when Bro. Dunn first came out to visit us, he told me that my finances were going to increase, and that they did.


Last year when Bro. Dunn came out, we also prayed for my youngest daughter Margaret (1 ˝ yrs). At birth, she was born with a form of Spina Bifida. A fatty tissue the size of a baby’s fist was attached to her lower spine. After Surgery was performed, the tissue was not removed due to nerves that were in the way, but it was no longer attached to the spine. Unfortunately, she lost the ability to urinate on her own, leaving us with the task of catheterizing her every 4 hrs. But by the laying on of hands and prayer she has begun to slowly urinate on her own and now we catheterize her only twice a day, sometimes not at all. But we are believing by faith that God is going to give her a complete healing.