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Are You Ready for a Miracle?
Sister Cynthia

Downer's Grove , IL

I want to tell, just what the Lord did for me.  For the last few years I have had many health issues. I had Diabetes, headaches, and joint pain. In my 20's I was found to have a gum disease, but nice teeth. Yes overweight too, at times I did loose weight, working really hard, I would loose some and then just ....well you know how it goes. I just kept thinking that all this was a result of my bad choices. Not losing the weight was the problem. Then about a year ago, things seemed to get worse. I am only 33 years old. The glands in my neck swelled up. I had lumps and so much pain. I had headaches so painful no aspirin would take care of. Then an infection in my eye sent me to the doctor. They told me the headaches were from allergies. I have never had allergies in my life. I just didn't feel good.

Then last Sunday night I went to a church service at this little church I visit. The pastor told me that a special speaker was preaching. Well we started praying. I later found out the man preacher was Rev. Dunn. I didn't know him nor did he know me. He preached about healing and a couple other things. He made it sound so simple about healing. As I knelt down to pray I asked the Lord to heal my disease, diabetes that is. I had no idea just what the Lord was about to do.  The preacher came over and put his hand on my head and began to pray. It wasn't about my sickness. For many years I haven't been able to sleep, and it seemed to be something in the spirit. There always seemed to be a heaviness and I was always restless. The preacher began to pray and tell me things that only I and the Lord knew about, which was my sleep problem. I felt peace as he prayed and I knew that this man had a direct connection with my Jesus.

As he ministered to others and prayed the prayer of faith, I was thinking of my sickness. I told him my name, and what I needed the Lord to do. He first prayed for my gums, I told him that my teeth are loose. He prayed twice and my teeth were still loose. He paused for about three seconds. Then he told me what the Lord was speaking to him about. He said that all these things that were wrong with me were a result of a gland inside my body that was not working right, and that this gland was pumping poison throughout my body and it was killing me. In addition, he said that this gland was also preventing me from losing weight. Right away the pain in my knees was gone and my hip felt better, I began to walk around the church worshipping the Lord. 

When I went home at first I couldn't go to sleep, and then my knee started to hurt, but my hip was still without pain (I had been having consistent pain for over a week up until that point). I sat there and threw my hands  in the air and began to worship Him and Thank Him for seeing what the doctors missed. I continued to thank Him for loving me enough to heal the very root of those symptoms....I was speaking in tongues just loving Him. I lied down and the next thing I knew is that I was asleep. I don't remember even turning off the alarm, but I do remember the peace and rest I got. Sleep problem over. Then I dug into my medical books and found that I had almost every symptom to a fetal gland disease, which doctors usually can't pick up on. But this Jesus with His perfect eyes saw inside me, and spoke a word to a man that prayed the prayer of faith. Jesus delivered me from something that was robbing me of my life. Yes, we still need to make good choices; our bodies are the temple of the Lord. He is working with us to help us overcome. The best choice I have ever made and will every make is to serve Jesus.


Sister Cynthia

Bartlett IL