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Are You Ready for a Miracle?
Broken hand in tupelo
In  Tupelo, MS on the 24th of July 2006 I was staying at a small motel and called for dinner from Domino's Pizza. Soon there was a knock at the door and there stood a man with my pizza. As he fumbled to take my pizza out of the bag that kept it hot, he apologed repeatedly for the delay that his hand was causing. He identified the problem as having broken his hand 3 days prior. After taking care of getting the pizza out of his hand I asked him if we could pray for it. "Yes" he said. "Do you believe that Jesus can heal you right now?" I asked.  Again he stated a resounding "Yes!" I placed one hand on top and another under his hand. I prayed and instantly felt the swelling go down dramatically. I then asked him to move his hand. As he made a fist the strangest look came across his face. He exclaimed, "WOW what did you do?" and began to give God praise for healing him. He stated that there was no more pain and that he could move his hand for the first time in days. He gave me a firm handshake with his healed hand and left giving God praise.